While helping launch Early Night Records, I was able to flex my prop fabrication and set design muscles in a way I never had before. Immersing people on a larger scale with art, has always been a dream of mine. Being able to design and fabricate these concepts was truly life changing. Here are my designs come to life:


Mythology contains so many inspirational themes and content.

This stage was inspired by the mythical city of Atlantis.

Designed for Polysonix's Deep Resonance (The Unofficial Thunderdome 2024 Afterparty).

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Inspired by the architecture of medieval castles, I designed this lightweight arch to bring a focal point to any stage.

I also embellished the DJ booth with faux foliage and lanterns provided by the World Tree Records.


Outerspace and the cosmos inspire so much of my art. This design was crafted from foam, UV reactive paint, and glitter.

In addition, I crafted floating meteorites to really help patrons feel like they were in zero-gravity.

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October is my birth month and Halloween will always have my heart.

This design was inspired by my love for gothic architecture.

I crafted each piece from foam, and then airbrushed them with UV reactive paint. Including: The windows, the rock formations, and iron gates.

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With this design, I wanted to blend themes of Synthwave and nature.

The half planet in the background is UV reactive, as well as the trunks of the digitally inspired palm trees framing the dj booth.

The arch is lined with a sound reactive LED strip.

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This was my first stage design with Early Night Records.

I had been listening to lots of 80's inspired vaporwave and wanted to embody that in a stage.

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The Netflix original show Stranger Things contains several different elements that I resonate with on so many levels.

For Halloween whilst working with ENR, we created a party inspired by the show.

I created all the tendrils and the portal to the Upside Down with recycled materials and paper mache.

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